Saturday, January 31, 2009

last night was crazy times in nyc.
i went to ars nova to see my friend michael do his patti lupone impression in a show and it was just hysterical. that boy is going places! so proud!
i feel like a proud mamma ;)
i also went to the after party at the laurie beechman theatre for the 1st time...enjoyable ya'll should go i think its every friday night.
and ann coulture or however you spell her name is crazy cookoooooo

Friday, January 30, 2009

ryan j davis

i had to opportunity to sit down and talk with ryan davis today.
ryan is not only a writer for the huffington post he is also a theatre director and playwright whose show white noise is coming to broadway in the fall of 2009.
our interview is posted below check it out!
ryan gave so us valuable information on maria for council who he has endorsed to take over nyc council speaker of the house christine quinn as well as information on different lgbt charities that need our help.
thank you ryan for your time and valuable information!!!
for information on any of the charities or political organization we spoke about click on the links provided in this blog!

hair/bill o'reilly/liza what a start to the new month!

it is 1:30am and anthony is getting his outfit ready for his first day of hair rehearsal!
i am so proud i could just burst! my love my babe my everything is starting this new amazing chapter in his life! holy crap!
sooooo proud and excited for this adventure he is going on for his life journey!

as we all know bill o'reilly is an dummy so here is a video response to what he says about some gays.
check out his video and mine...oh mercy
bills video...
my video...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this lady
i got to see the final performance of liza at the palace a few weeks ago and was lucky enough to get to go backstage.
i just saw this clip of liza on the view chattin with the ladies! oh how i love this show.
i wanna be one of the cluckin ladies gabbin away!!!
here is the liza video...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

gay pride parades

my friend antwon my partner anthony and i just sat down to watch the documentary, 'gay sex in the 70s'.
well this is what i men were soooo oppressed by society that they had to go to places in the dark..........back of bars, parks at night, or the waterfront to release their sexual desires.
today we live in a world where we can be more open and it is ok to be in a relationship.
today we do not need to go around hiding in the dark to express ourselves.
why then do we continue to strut around practically in the nude during our pride parades. if they are called pride parades shouldn't we be parading our families and friends who support us. shouldn't we parade the pride of being humans like everyone else.
why do we not stand up and fight for marriage and adoption rights? why do we have to have gogo boys dancing in the street.
if you want to be respected and to gain rights you have to earn them.
i encourage you to stand up like the men of the stonewall riots and speak out stand up but wear clothes why you do it!
we are a people of dignity and respect...lets show our world that when pride comes around this year!


jen and john broke up again...
i dont mean to bitch but jen aniston just pisses me off sometime.
i am totally team brad and ange...old news but still.
everytime i see jen or courtney cox i am like ummmmmm are you still around???
gosh golly
marley and me.......enough said

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Allies the Musical & Broadway Impact

So i went to see Allies the Musical last night down in the Bowery.
If you love the songs of Heart you will love love love this show.
Last night it was the 1st reading so there is alot of work to be done and long road ahead for this show. But i really enjoyed the performances and the plot line of the show.
The show features Chris Hall, Brian Charles Rooney, Celina Carvajal with musical direction by Pau Leschen
for more

Tonight I went to a meeting at Telsey for Broadway Impact!

for more info go to

this is an amazing group of people who are in the theatre community here in nyc starting to spread the message of marriage equality in ny state.
write a letter to your senator!!! that is the best way to contribute

here is a sample letter to ny state senate majority leader malcolm smith!

Dear Senator Malcolm Smith,
Congratulations on being appointed the NY State Senate Majority Leader.
I strongly urge you to keep LGBT right and marriage equality on the 2009 agenda. Thank you for continuing to support equality for all New Yorkers. I look forward to our progress.
Your Name
Your Street Address
Your E-mail

THANKS GUYS!!!!!! xo

Monday, January 26, 2009

broadway world and

things are going fast
anthony starts rehearsals on friday for hair....on broadway...i am sooo proud of him!
hey has been in like a ton of articles today on and

:):):) so proud of my love MY LOVE....who inspires me more and more each day!

we were also featured together on

HELLO 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

when is saw annie

I went to see Annie with my cousin for my 7th birthday! I was so excited. We went to the local community theatre to see the show. Front row seats. My toes didn't even touch the floor. The lights came up, the music started, I was amazed. These girls who were my age started dancing and singing. Singing about their hard knock life, and about NYC the city i only dreamed of living in.
I went home and sang 'Tomorrow' every day for a year! It was incredible. I wanted to put on the red curly wig and belt it out!!!
What I would not give to be an orphan girl on that stage.
It was the moment I realized the theatre was where I wanted to spend the rest of my life.

desperate measures

now i know people work hard and they love to do it...but i dont like to work hard before noon.
lord have mercy i am a lady!
i need my rest.
well after a long and fun night out with sherry last night i am off to sell shoes bright ass is 8:30AM!!!
knowing me i will be trying the damn things on instead of sellin em.
sample sale.........just me n the ladies of the upper east side! oh goody.
if you have ever talk to one of these ladies you know what i am talking about!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

billy porter interview/sherry vine is glorious

so there is a select group of people in this world who speak out for their rights as gay people and have come out on top. one of those people in bully porter. through out his career billy has spoken very openly about being a part of the lgbt community.
for years i have looked up to him and admired his bravery. i recently read an article that billy wrote for the advocate that just spoke to me on such a human level due to its candidness and openness
a dream came true for me yesterday when i was able to sit down one on one with mr. porter and speak to him about his life, career, and influence on the lgbt world.
thank you mr. porter! you are a true hero and icon to millions of people!

on another note...i have formed an incredible friendship with the fabulous sherry vine recently. if you don't know who sherry is...learn! she is the most real person ever! her drag performances are hysterical and girl and i are riding out to long island tonight to party the night away with a bunch of hetero folks haha! should be a fun time :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009


the winter is a funny time i think.
sitting around.
really just being lazy.
i think i like it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the show was awesome!!!

so last night was the night of my of my life!
i had an amazing time at the duplex...every single performer was incredible and i even got to meet my idol, justin bond!
here are some clips!

Monday, January 19, 2009

just breathe

tonight is the nerves are wired....stop drinking coffee!!!
so the evening is going to start with the whole joes pub event then onto broadway speaks out at the duplex.
omg it is snowing!!!
so excited...many emotions flying around today!!!
here we go!!!

broadway speaks out interviews as of now

so here are all of the interviews to date...featuring allison guinn anthony hollock saycon sengbloh lou liberatore and brian charles rooney
enjoy...comment...share...stay tuned

Saturday, January 17, 2009

rose billings-my favorite member of the press

so over the past few months anthony, my partner, and i have been on a whirlwind adventure. we have gone to some amazing events and parties due to or careers. along the way we have met the funniest, most hard work, and ballziest member of the press........rose billings. this lady will go to ever event at every venue no matter what!
she has become so dear to the two of us cause she always takes our picture!!!!!!!
lord knows i love it cause being the diva as i am i sure love a good photo op!
everyone must check her out at!
she is simply adorable.
in other news remember the duplex show is this monday night SEE YA THERE XOXOXO

here is a photo of anthony and i backstage at liza at the palace (taken by rose ;) )

Friday, January 16, 2009

boycott nike!!!

2 homophobic ads!!!
nike needs to be stopped!

lance horne

lance is an emmy winning composer who happens to be one of the nicest people i have ever met!
it is our pleasure to invite you to his concert on monday the 19th at 7pm!
my beautiful partner, anthony is in the show as well as justin bond, lea delaria, and john cameron mitchell!!!
the show is at the amazing joe's pub!
thank you lance for this special event!!!!!!!
after that show come to the duplex for even more music, stars, and political goodness at 9:30!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

grassroots fundraising!

Hey Everyone!
so 2009 is going to be a very busy 1st year for MGC Productions.
We are currently working on the online talk show 'broadway speaks out' as well as bringing the show live to the duplex on 1/19. broadway speaks out will also be live at vlada night club on april 12th.
in march we will be producing the show 'midtwenties'. we hope to make this an open ended production in 2009!
mgc is also working on a christmas album featuring some hot talent!
the laramie project is still under way...working on getting the rights! hopefully that happens.
in order to do all this though we need help!
if everyone donates just $5 it will greatly help the company kick off all of our project!
follow the link and make a tax deductible donation!
much love xoxo
mgc productions!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

getting things together!

so 2009 is proving to be very very busy!
alot is going on for me and mgc productions.
as you know we have the talk show, the duplex show coming up, and midtwenties to produce in march.
i have now added a show at the famed nyc night club vlada on april 12th! soooooo it is busy!
i hope all of you are doing well...i have a top secret interview for broadway speaks out, tonight, it will be posted in about a month...a very special guest star!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

grown up
working hard
no money
how to survive
stay strong
dolly did it so can i

Monday, January 5, 2009


broadway speaks out is featured on!!!!!!!!
woohoo get tickets now!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Brian Charles Rooney!

So in a few hours we will be sitting down with Brian Charles Rooney, the amazing actor known for his gender bending roles on and off broadway!
AHH sooo excited!
i'll post the interview later! wish me luck :)