Saturday, February 28, 2009

i LOVE these people

so marissa perry (hairspray) and my dear friends jay and donell have agreed to do broadway speaks OUT!!!
i am sooooooooooooo overjoyed to have these people in my life and to be sharing the stage with them in april.
what an amazing night it is going to be.
who knew that this is where my life would lead me?
i love marissa and jay and donell and lauren and justin who are also performing. they are all sooo talented.
broadway impact will also be there that night speaking out for marriage equality.
here is the info!


Friday, February 27, 2009

Things are looking up

so midtwenties:the show is opening this week!!!
can you believe it?
mgc productions 1st full length production! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh it is so overwhelming. i am sitting in on the rehearsal right now and it is looking HOT.
tickets are all sold out for opening night...can you believe it?
jenn and elliot are 2 amazing talents that i am so honored to be working with and you all know i just love anthony and he has done a beautiful job directing.
well jenn and elliot sound FABULOUS and are gonna rock this motha fuckin show!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009


the ultra crazy crazy preacher fred phelps and his wacko daughter, shirley, have been banned from entering the united kingdom!
this needs to be done in the u.s. of a as well!
get this psychos out!
they protest military funerals and say that God is punishing the world with aids bc of gay people.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

thats SO gay

michael buckley

borders bookstore thinks gays are sluts

by now you all know that i am obsessed with anything gay.
however, i live a very different life from what the media portrays to be gay. i am in a monogamous relationship and do not do the whole shirtless club party scene.
needless to say, i was in borders today and noticed that the LGBT section has drastically been reduced. no longer do i see books on marriage equality or stonewall but, rather, books titled "summer fling" and "gay erotica".
what has happened?
could this be why the state of oklahoma has a law making any book dealing with homosexuality must be placed 5 feet from the ground so children can not reach.
why does borders not have a selection of books that speaks of how the LGBT community is a united front of educated people who just want the same rights as other people. where are these books in borders? where are these books in oklahoma?
lets make it happen and get books that have more to do with sex and more to do with humanity.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Torch Song Trilogy makes me cry like a little baby! I love it! Ann Bancroft is simply riveting!
thank you HARVEY:)

Noahs Arc...have you seen the acting? enough said.

HRC-the help gays get rights so duh i like em

1st Wives words needed...its hysterical...and coming to BROADWAY WOOOOOOOHOOOOO

Liza-that picture just gives me the rolling giggles. she is brilliant...listened to her all morning on the

Saturday, February 14, 2009

valentines day


what an amazing valentines day!!!
the day starting with a nice morning kiss from anthony.
we then moved down to union square where anthony and his fellow tribe members from HAiR sang some songs of love in the park. So much fun and peaceful.
this adorable girl asked me to speak at her high school about gay rights today as well...that was sooo incredible!
she is 14 and head of her schools GSA. hello 2009!
while in union square their were people giving "free hugs"...only in NYC. it was so sweet. people need to hug more often. do away with handshakes! give a hug!

and i am so happy to have that special guy in my life. valentines day is every day in our house. i love this boy anthony james hollock and am not ashamed to say it no matter what others may think!!!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

remembering lawrence king

a year ago today a young child was killed in his classroom for being gay.
countless videos have been made about this on youtube.
the comments posted on these videos make me sick to my stomach.
people saying that this child deserved to die.
what kind of a world do we live in where people think it is ok for a child, or anyone for that matter, to be murdered for being them selves.
wake up world...we are all peopl, are all human. stop the hate and focus on what matters...LOVE!

lea michele and peta

so anyone who knows me, knows how i am strongly against the horse carriages in central park.
i just came across an article by peta where broadway actress lea michele speaks out against the carriages.
thank you lea!!!
the treatment of these animals is cruel and horrifying.
what a relief to know we have people like lea speaking out for these creatures that can not speak out!
keep up the good work lea!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

running around the playground

my day started off in a splendid mood.
for once those damn message boarders said nice things about my talk show! thank you! i owe it all to patina for that amazing interview.
well after all that i decided to go stroll around hells kitchen in the glorious spring time weather (lets hope it stays!!!) i had to be in the neighborhood cause i was meeting up with jeffery and cole to do a little video for their new show.
love those boys!
if you havent done it jeffery self and cole escola on youtube!!! they are 2 of the funniest new comedians to hit nyc and they are super fun and sweet to boot!
what a treat that was.
well anywho i had to babysit stuff.
all i can say is i got hit with a football on the playground and i remembered why i always sat in the corner at recess singing disney princess songs.
tomorrow is another day!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

doma cafe and the people of the big apple

yesterday was such a hard day for me.
words can not even explain the funk i was in.......i literally did not leave me bed all day except to pee pee.
depression sucks.
needless to say i forced myself out of bed today and have had an incredible day.
i went to go to an audition........of course to many people there so i didn't get seen. this prompted me to walk from 26th street down to perry street to grab lunch at my favorite cafe, doma.
i don't know if you have ever just sat down alone and watched the people around you.
it is fascinating. i love it bc nyc is just a small town hidden behind the mask of a major city.
everyone knows everyone.
at least down in the village they do.
go to doma and just sit with coffee and eggs and watch the neighborhood feel. it is incredible.
i then walked from perry up to 49th street. this took me forever but i did it. on the way i just observed my surroundings.
looked at the people and how everyone is a different color, speaks a different language, makes a different and bold fashion choice.
this city is filled with people dying to just be people.
people who don't want to worry about anything but simply living life.
it is so beautiful and refreshing.
to walk from the village up to hells kitchen is like walking through time.
to see the changes in neighborhood feel and the changes in the people within those neighborhoods.
if you ever have a moment just walk through the city.
you will be inspired to be yourself, to live, to have freedom through the glory of humanity.
i love nyc and am happy to call it my home.


Doma Cafe & Gallery
17 Perry St
New York, NY 10014-2703
Phone: (212) 929-4339

Interviews with
Saycon Sengbloh (wicked, color purple, rent, hair)
Tony Nominee Lou Liberatore
Brian Charles Rooney (The Three Penny Opera)
Ryan Davis (writer/director White Noise)
Allison Guinn (hair)
Anthony Hollock (hair)
Sherry Vine (famed drag performer)
many many more to come soon!!!
hosted by martin gould cummings and produced by mgc productions

Monday, February 9, 2009

ooooh mercy

my response to ann on msnbc

judge shows

my partner and i are having a lazy day today so what else is there to judge shows.
these people are better than maury and jerry combined.
there is one judge...judge alex who is a tough love homo porno looking beast.
he will rip a bitch up!
well we just love him and that judge kelly she a mess.
i wanna be on one of these shows...they are all such great actors.
what ever happened to judge judy?
remember when former nyc mayer ed kotch was a judge on tv?
judge maria took his place on the peoples court.
oh they are all sooooo good!

Saturday, February 7, 2009
gov. patterson is an incredible person and i am so proud to say he is running the state i live in!!!

todd palin

so did anyone hear about todd palin, that certain vp ladies hubby?
he is in trouble up in alaska for not going to some hearing about the whole trooper gate scandal.
that family gets wackier and wackier!
oh republicans just give are over and done with.

oh and i had a fun week filming 30rock.
i got to play a drag queen...story of my life!
check it all out here!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009